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Wave FM 87.6 was originally set up in Portland in 1998. As the third owners we brought the station in 2011.

In a chance meeting with Ros, while Heather was listening to 87.6FM, we both expressed a love for the music and the style of programming, with no talk back shows or hourly news, not wanting to see the the station disappear from the Portland airways, together we inquired about purchasing the station.

With no prior experience in the radio industry, we ventured into the unknown.

Starting off with a programme that still operated on the old ‘Dos’ system from the 80’s, the first 12 months was difficult to get a grip on the system. Within 12 months of purchasing the station we replace the computer and installed a new broadcasting programme, Station Playlist, then spent several months reformatting all our music and stories to suit the new system. We now have a fantastic easy to manage programme.

We are always looking for more and interesting history stories of Portland and music to add to our collection focussing on easy listening music from hte 60’s-80’s ear along with some Country, R&B, Folk and soft Jazz, if you are able to help out please contact us.